Rj45 Wiring Scheme 568B

Written by: Tektel Team

In today's digital world, we rely heavily on the internet and computer networks to stay connected with each other. One of the most important components of any network is the Ethernet cable, which enables devices to communicate with each other. When it comes to wiring an Ethernet cable, one of the most popular wiring schemes used is the 568B wiring scheme. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the basics of RJ45 wiring scheme 568B.

What is RJ45 Wiring Scheme 568B?

RJ45 wiring scheme 568B is a standard method for wiring Ethernet cables, which is widely used in commercial and residential networks. This wiring scheme defines the order of wires inside an Ethernet cable and how they are connected to the pins of an RJ45 connector. This ensures that devices can communicate with each other effectively, providing reliable and fast data transfer.

The RJ45 connector has eight pins, and each wire inside the Ethernet cable is connected to a specific pin. In the 568B wiring scheme, the pins are arranged as follows:

  • Pin 1 - Orange/White
  • Pin 2 - Orange
  • Pin 3 - Green/White
  • Pin 4 - Blue
  • Pin 5 - Blue/White
  • Pin 6 - Green
  • Pin 7 - Brown/White
  • Pin 8 - Brown


RJ45 wiring scheme 568B is a standard method for wiring Ethernet cables, which ensures reliable and fast data transfer between devices. It is important to use the correct wiring scheme when wiring Ethernet cables, as using the wrong scheme can result in poor connectivity and slow data transfer speeds. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can wire Ethernet cables using the 568B wiring scheme with ease.