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Tektel provides good service and superior products for those seeking to install or enhance Ethernet networks. Our years of experience assist cable installers with choosing the right cable for the job whether it be indoor or outdoor cable installations. We are here to help our customers gain the knowledge to do a great job of installs because we take pride in our work and want you to succeed. 

Our Team

Our team is experience and knowledgeable in the industry. We can help you sort out what you need and get it to you by shipping products that are high quality – the same day as your order. We manufacture and sell to thousands of customers just like you! 

Tektel started

Tektel started as an independent field service technicians company for the low voltage industry. Through persistence and hard work, we have designed and implemented systems in hundreds of businesses and organizations. Like every field service company, we have had the opportunity to test different products in the market – and believe it or not, we had to go through a long process of trial and error to find the right ones

Reliability & good service

Reliability and good service have always been the foundations of our company. We were always up to a new challenges and exploring new ventures, so we have turned the page and moved on to distribute products and solutions we trust, with the hope and belief that our knowledge will contribute to the low voltage industry, Tektel has become a home for many low voltage resellers and installers.

Good service is a great compliment for a good product. This is the guideline and foundation of our company.

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Security Burglar Alarm 18/4 Control Cable 500FT Stranded White

Logico Security Wire Burglar Alarm 22/4 Cable 500FT Stranded Shielded White

customer service

Great service. A pleasure to deal with.

good product at excellent price

I recently purchased the Cat5e STP/FTP Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Network UV Direct Burial 1000ft Cable from TekTel, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. This cable exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and reliability for outdoor networking projects.

100 pcs RJ45 CAT6 Shielded w Load Bar Insert Modular LAN Network Connector Cable

Good product

allwais good product

Cat-5e UTP Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Lan Wire Green 10FT

As advertise with quick shipping

I've already installed my landscape lighting. The wire came quickly and there was no damage to the wire or spool.

An Easier Solution

Most installers know the best performance in a network keystone jack comes when untwisted cable lengths are as short as possible, 1/2" or so is best. These jacks have wide shoulders which allows you to insert the CAT6 cable all the way into the body of the jack for shortest cable terminations. Combine this with the termination tool that terminates all 8 wires at once and you have a great soltution for installing jacks quickly and easily.


Always provide a high level of service

Quick Service

Great follow up. Cable arrived within 24hours of order.

Great wire pulled a few long runs and all 8 wires were intacr when finished

Cat-6 wire

Cat 6 wire was great we completed our job.

4 port Hole Keystone Jack Wall Plate Smooth Surface White

Received the Wall Plates as fast as always from Tektel 👍

Sales satisfaction

I like you products Thank you .

Telecom Supplies

Good supplies and better prices.

110 blade pops out when you punch down a jack .
On the other hand good price. Last order I had one that was bad .punch spring was broke

Outstanding cable!

Great quality, fast shipping and a very reliable company. The cable is a little on the stiff side, but given what it is and what it is used for you are not going to (typically) be using it for component connections for an entertainment system, you could ...but it would be a little overkill. The quality of this cable is just outstanding, better than anything I have ever used at a great..strike that...an OUTSTANDINGLY AFFORDABLE PRICE. Buy it, you will not be disappointed. Tektel ( LOGiCO ) has my business from now on! I am done with hit and miss companies that deliver more excuses that products. I am a Tektel fan all the way now!

BPD91QA https://l394yy.page.link/eNh4

BPD91QA https://l394yy.page.link/eNh4

Excellent product

Excellent product and excellent price exactly what I needed thank you

Bring back 18/2 shielded

The reason I started using Tektel was for audio cables.
I am an AV integrator.

The 18/2 shielded was a perfect choice because it can be used as speaker wire or for microphone cable. Microphone cables require 3 conductors. Hot, neutral and shield for the ground.

The drain on your 18/2 acted as a ground and the shielding protected the line from EMI.

Great deal

High quality Cat5 for a very good price.