Bulk Ethernet Cables

Written by: Tektel Team

What Is a Bulk Ethernet Cable?

A cable bulk to join wired networks is an Ethernet cable. Bulk Ethernet cable (up to 1000 ft) is used to establish a network to interconnect numerous computers (possibly in separate rooms) and other gadgets to a server, typically in offices and other establishments. To put it differently, bulk Ethernet cable suggests a substantial amount of cable rather than merely a few feet.

A bulk Ethernet cable consists of a conductor, insulation, and cable jacket, with four twisted pairs of copper. Compared to standard network cables, bulk Ethernet cable lacks connectors, differing only in length and outer package. A 1000-foot roll is a typical example.

Types of Bulk Ethernet Cable

Bulk Ethernet cables exist, including Cat5, Cat5eCat6Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat8. For example, Cat6 is more advanced, with greater frequency transmission capabilities, more dependable speeds, and less crosstalk.

Ethernet Cable, Ethernet Cables, Bulk Ethernet , Indoor Bulk Ethernet
Ethernet Cable, Ethernet Cables, Bulk Ethernet , Indoor Bulk Ethernet​​

Outdoor vs Indoor Bulk Ethernet Cable

Indoor bulk Ethernet cables are normally used in buildings/factories and outdoor ones are designed for outdoor conditions, the difference being the outer jacket is designed to withstand the elements.

Outdoor Direct Burial Bulk Ethernet Cables are Shielded Cat6 waterproof direct burial cables, with a double outer jacket for underground use, which provides a high bandwidth (up to 550 MHz) and fast (1000mbps) connection for home or work, even in harsh conditions.