Speaker Wire

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Speaker Wire

Speaker wire is primary cable used for making audio connections between speakers and an audio system. Speaker wire comes in a multitude of gauges: 16 AWG, 14 AWG and 12 AWG.  The quality of wire can have an impact of sound quality, even with high quality speakers. Thicker wire will have a lower resistance than thinner wire, improving sound quality.

Selecting Gauge

The American Wire Gauge or AWG is an identifying number that corresponds to the thickness of the wire.  It is important to remember that the lower the number the thicker the wire and the least resistance, which in turn produces a high quality sound. Speaker wire typically range between 12 and 16 gauge wire.

When choosing the gauge of wire you will be using, it is important to take in to consideration the quality of speakers and the distance from the receiver or amp, the longer the run of cable needed the higher gauge of wire will be needed to maintain sound quality.