Security Cable

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Security Cable

Security Cable commonly referred to as Security Wire or Security Camera Cable is used for various applications such as wiring a burglar alarms and video surveillance equipment within a home security system. All of our Security wire is of the highest quality to ensure maximum performance to the purpose of security systems and other low voltage electrical applications.

Uses in Security Surveillance Camera systems

Primarily security cable is used to link door and window sensors, motion detectors, keypads and multiple other accessories to your alarm panel. Also surveillance camera cable can be used to connect any surveillance camera for monitoring. This security cable wire comes in a ready-to-use pull box for easy delivery, in lengths of 500 ft and 1000ft to fit the job.

18 AWG or 22 AWG

Choosing the gauge of wire for your system is contingent on the system you are using; consult the system manufactures' recommendations for necessary wiring conductors, gauge and resistance for your application. With most systems, 22 gauge wiring is standard. However 18 AWG is often times used for connecting motion detectors, magnetic contacts and control systems.