Coaxial Cable

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Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable is available several types. RG59B/U Siamese Cable is a combination of RG59 for video and a pair of 18-gauge power wires in one sheath. Our RG59B/U cable features a 20AWG or 0.81mm center conductor and 18/2AWG stranded power wires for superior conductivity.

Coaxial Cable Construction

Coaxial cable conducts an electrical signal with an inner conductor wire. The cable is protected by a fire resistant insulating jacket. Coaxial Cable supplies electrical signals without interference.

RG-6 and RG-59 Cables

“RG” stands for “Radio Guide,” this is a term that was used by the military during WWII, when it was heavily used. Today we still use the RG rating.  Both RG-6 and RG-59 are extensively used in residential, primarily for video applications. The difference is found in the specific signals they are used for. RG-59 is considered a standard cable (CATV) and is preferable for transmitting low-frequencies and for short cable runs, whereas RG-6 is the coax designed to support digital video signals and satellite TV. RG-6 has a larger core conductor, thicker dialectic insulation and several layers of shielding and is an excellent choice for high frequency signals over long distances.

Ask us for assistance to find the right type of coaxial cable for your application.

Collection of Coaxial Cable